Welcome, Welcome

I should have done this years ago. I never thought I would end up doing this. This is my website. Read the words, absorb the meaning, and hopefully come back next time.

I plan to express and share and reveal through this site, hopefully uncovering things about myself to you and me and develop a more cogent and passionate pattern of thought. Bear with me as I iron out the kinks in my mind and build some skills in design. I make no promises of quality, save for a devotion to improvement.

I like music. I like politics. I like a lot of things. I'll be sharing my thoughts and feelings in the appropriate headings seen above, so you can navigate as desired. The catch-all will probably be rather stream-of-consciousness and meandering, but I'll strive to keep it together as much as possible. The other threads will stick to their playpens and proceed in a more orderly fashion.

Gratitude unto you for reading. Please return at your leisure. I'll endeavor to keep things interesting.

Here goes something.