I wrote these, so here's a convenient collection.

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I consulted for my friend's smart building startup, building up the marketing and sales funnels from scratch.

I ran the marketing at Applico and wrote a ton of articles, some under my own name and others I ghostwrote for my CEO. I managed the company blog, my CEO's column on Inc, and pitched and wrote a number of piece for industry publications.



Industrial Distribution: 
How Industrial Distributors Can Avoid the Mistakes of Circuit City
Opinion: Gamut Shows That Grainger Is 5 Years Behind Amazon
Electronic Business News:
Amazon Plays Hardball with Electronics Distributors  
Electronics Distributors Need a Marketplace Strategy to Defeat Amazon
The Amazon Effect: Future of Electronics Distribution is Marketplace Model
LBM Journal: 
The LBM Industry, Disrupted
Metal Center News:
Metals Will Be Dominated By Marketplaces, But Whose?
Industrial Supply:
Modern Monopolies
B2B Distributors Have Opportunity for Marketplace
Modern Healthcare:
Amazon Poised to Deliver Disruption in Medical Supply Industry

I was part of Wiredcraft's marketing team and managed the blog during my time there, from "How to Recruit For Your Startup in China" until "Our Job Ads Will Never Die."

This was my  first real job after graduating college, assisting the technology programs team. I edited the blog and wrote a few posts myself. Forgive the lack of readability; I was still learning.